Metabolic Creatine 6™ is a scientifically advanced creatine formula that combines 6 cutting-edge forms of creatine to help you pack on more muscle, get stronger, train harder, and recover faster than ever before.

With Metabolic Creatine 6™, there’s no loading, no bloating, no stomach upset or puffy water retention to ruin your lines. Simply 6 powerful creatines that are easy to digest, highly bioavailable, and will give your muscles the explosive ATP energy they need for incredible, record-crushing performance.

Experience the true power of next-generation creatine today with Metabolic Creatine 6™.


Build HUGE Muscle and Strength Like Never Before!

Metabolic Creatine 6™ packs 6 cutting-edge forms of creatine to help enhance your physique, power, performance, and recovery like never before. Each form offers its own unique benefits, and they come together to create a truly enhanced creatine experience. Take a look.


When it comes to improving the creatine experience, solubility and absorption are at the top of the list. That’s because the more soluble creatine becomes, the easier it may be to absorb, which may lead to less risk of bloating and upset stomach. And this is where Creatine HCl shines.

By bonding a hydrochloride (HCl) group to creatine, the pH of creatine is lowered, making Creatine HCl highly soluble and easy to absorb. And with Metabolic Creatine 6™, you’ll get a rock-solid 1,000 mg of pure Creatine HCl in every scoop.


Next, you’ll find a potent 500 mg of pure Creatine MagnaPower® in Metabolic Creatine 6™. This patented pairing of creatine with pure magnesium is suggested to create a higher level of absorption while supporting quick twitch muscle energy needed for power movements


With Metabolic Creatine 6™, you’ll also get 750 mg of Creatine Gluconate. This next-generation powerhouse features a glucose molecule bonded to pure creatine, which helps it become highly stable, incredibly soluble, easy to absorb, and gentle on your stomach. Plus, the addition of glucose may work to spike insulin, potentially improving the creatine payload into your muscles.


Each scoop of Metabolic Creatine 6™ also provides 750 mg of Dicreatine Malate. Consisting of creatine bound to malic acid, Dicreatine Malate delivers a potent dose of creatine to your muscles thanks to its improved solubility and bioavailability.


Creatine anhydrous is a purer form of creatine compared to creatine monohydrate. That’s because its water molecule has been removed, which means you get MORE creatine per gram. And with 1,500 mg of Creatine Anhydrous in every scoop, your muscles are sure to get the creatine they need to support increased ATP production.


That’s because citrulline malate increases nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels for bigger muscle pumps. But it does more than bring bigger pumps. It brings the performance too as it helps your muscles get rid of waste products like lactic acid and ammonia. This keeps your muscles from getting tired so quickly and delivers a big boost to your muscular endurance.


One scoop a day is all you’ll ever need.

Unlike other creatine formulas, you don’t have to waste half your bottle to load your muscles with creatine when you use Metabolic Creatine 6™. That’s because the highly advanced forms of creatine, such as Creatine HCl, Creatine MagnaPower®, Creatine Gluconate, and more, may offer improved solubility and absorption. This means one serving a day is all you’ll need.


Experience the gains without the stomach pains.

Metabolic Creatine 6™ not only mixes up great, it’s super easy to digest, and won’t pull loads of water into your digestive tract. That’s because Metabolic Creatine 6™ utilizes several advanced forms of creatine that offer improved solubility and absorption, so you can enjoy your gains without feeling the stomach pains.


You get POTENT doses of ALL 6 forms of creatine.

We can’t stress the importance of this enough. Metabolic Creatine 6™ is 100% proprietary blend free. That means you know exactly how much of each form of creatine you’re getting. This isn’t a formula that’s front-loaded with creatine monohydrate and then sprinkled with a few milligrams of other forms. No. You can look at the label and see for yourself that you’re getting potent doses of ALL 6 forms of creatine in Metabolic Creatine 6™.


Like the creatine inside, the flavoring is on another level, too!

Not only does this formula deliver an enhanced creatine experience, it delivers an enhanced flavoring experience, too! With Metabolic Creatine 6™, you’ll experience fantastic flavoring, from the first sip to the last!

Build Your Body with the Next Generation of Creatine Today!

Metabolic Creatine 6™ delivers an unrivaled creatine experience unlike any you’ve tried before. It’ll help you build impressive size, look bigger, be stronger, get bigger pumps, and recover faster than ever before. All without the bloating, cramping, and unsightly water retention. Add it to your program today and experience what the next generation of creatine can do for you!