The ULTIMATE Hardcore Mass Maker forFrustrated Hardgainers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a skinny guy cursed with skinny genes, or your metabolism burns so fast it robs you of all your gains. Your days of busting @ss and getting no mass are done!

Introducing Extreme Massive Mass Gainer. It’s custom built for frustrated hard gainers and comes packed with 1,270+ mass-making calories, 60 grams of high-potency protein, over 12.7 grams of BCAAs, 10+ grams of glutamine precursors, and 249+ grams of the perfect carbohydrate for guys like you. If you’ve put in the time and hard work but still struggle to build the extreme mass you want, this one's for you!

60 Grams of Blended Protein!

Our Blended Protein Can Help You Grow Bigger!

Whey protein is great. We love it, and you probably do too. It activates protein synthesis and new muscle growth super fast. But as a hard gainer, if you want to build big muscle fast, a blend of fast-digesting whey and slow-digesting casein protein is what you’ll need. In fact, research shows that using a blend of whey and casein together can help build significantly more fat-free muscle mass than using whey protein alone.

That’s why Extreme Massive Mass Gainer is loaded with a 5-stage blend of fast-digesting whey proteins and slow-digesting micellar casein. You get the whey protein to instantly trigger new muscle growth, and the slower-digesting casein to keep new muscle growth activated for up to 8 whole hours! And you don’t get 30, 40, or 50 grams like other gainers. Nope. You get 60 massive grams of easy-to-absorb, 8-hour muscle power protein to help you blow the roof off the size game!

massive fuel for Massive MASS!

Don't Let Your Fast Metabolism Sabotage Your Best Efforts to Grow.

As a hardgainer, you’re going to need A LOT of carbs. Carbs to fuel your workouts. Carbs to fuel recovery. And carbs to help stop your fast metabolism from burning muscle for fuel.

With Extreme Massive Mass Gainer, you get 249+ grams of the perfect carb for hard gainers. Maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that spikes insulin high, drives mass-building aminos into your muscles, and helps promote a highly anabolic state. Then, it burns slowly to help discourage fat gain and blood sugar crashes as you grow. It’s the ultimate carb for hardgainers, and gives YOU the power to sabotage your body’s best efforts to keep you small.

Extreme Doses of Aminos

Fueled by MASSIVE amounts of BCAAs and Glutamine Precursors.

Extreme Massive Mass Gainer is loaded with massive amounts of the aminos you need to build big muscle. Each serving packs over 12.7 grams of naturally occurring Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), including 5.5+ grams of the muscle-growth activating amino, L-leucine.

Plus, you get 10+ grams of active glutamine precursors and over 27.6 massive grams of naturally occurring Essential Amino Acids (EAAs). Just what your body needs, as your body cannot produce the EAAs on its own.

22 Performance Vitamins & Minerals

Muscle-Building and Performance Support.

You don’t usually think of vitamins and minerals as being “hardcore.” Things like testosterone, growth hormone, insulin, and erythropoietin (EPO)…those are hardcore. But your body needs a rich supply of vitamins and minerals to help optimize production of the powerful mass-building, performance-enhancing hormones inside you.

That’s why Extreme Massive Mass Gainer is packed with 22 performance vitamins and muscle minerals. They’ll help cement the strong micronutrient foundation you need to optimize massive growth and performance.

Extremely Delicious Flavoring!

By now, you know that we know how to flavor it right!

We’re famous for our flavors. Everyone knows that. We even have a protein called Best Tasting Whey, and it is! Our flavors are that good. And we’ve taken all that incredible flavoring knowledge and done it once again with Extreme Massive Mass Gainer. Making mass never tasted so good!

Extreme Massive Gainer FAQ

How do I get more protein per scoop with 100% IsoBlend when my current protein clearly has more grams of protein per scoop?
What you’re receiving with 100% IsoBlend is a higher percentage of protein in every scoop.

For example, your protein may have 27 grams protein per scoop. But it may also have 5 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat and 2 grams of “other ingredients” such as flavorings, colorings, and fillers. This gives you a total serving size of 36 grams per scoop. To calculate the amount of protein you’re really receiving, divide the actual amount of protein (27g) by the full serving size (36g). Then multiply by 100% to reach the percentage of protein you’re really receiving in each scoop.

(27 ÷ 36) x 100 = 75% protein in each scoop.

Now, compare this to 100% IsoBlend, which provides 25 grams of protein in every 28 gram serving size. *
(25 ÷ 28) x 100 = 90% protein in each scoop.

As you can see, with 100% IsoBlend you’re receiving a higher percentage of protein in every scoop. Which means you’re not paying for useless sugars, fats, lactose and other impurities.

Why are isolate proteins prefered over concentrate proteins?
Concentrate and isolate are two terms that refer to the amount of processing that each type of protein has undergone.

Prior to processing, the source material is high in sugars, fats, lactose and other impurities. With a concentrate protein, the source material is processed to remove the majority of these impurities, leaving behind a protein that is more concentrated. Concentrates are typically 80% protein, and the remaining 20% is unfiltered sugars, carbs, fats and lactose.

Isolate proteins, on the other hand, are further refined and stripped of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and lactose, yielding a protein that is typically 90% pure.

What is whey protein hydrolysate?
Whey protein hydrolysate is whey protein that has been broken down – or “pre-digested” – into smaller protein fragments. These smaller protein fragments are the fastest absorbing proteins to date, and will reach your muscles faster than whey protein alone.

Is using a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins better than relying on a single source, such as whey protein alone?
Yes. Fast acting proteins, such as whey isolates and hydrolysates, absorb rapidly and feed your muscles fast. Unfortunately, they are quickly excreted from the body, too. Slower releasing proteins, such as milk and egg isolates, don’t digest and absorb nearly as fast. Rather, they supply a steady stream of aminos to your muscles for many hours longer compared to whey. And this is ideal when seeking to establish the perfect, around-the-clock muscle building environment.

By combining the two, you get the best of both Worlds. Fast acting proteins for rapid muscle repair, and slow releasing proteins to keep muscle growth going strong for hours after the whey has left your system.

How much protein do I need each day?
For building strength and muscle, research has continually verified that 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is ideal. If you are dieting to lose fat yet still wish to maintain strength and muscle, we recommend keeping your protein elevated to at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

When is the best time to use 100% IsoBlend?
The beauty of 100% IsoBlend is that it can be used any time, pre-workout or post, day or night. The fast acting proteins in 100% IsoBlend are perfect for morning or post-workout use. And the longer lasting proteins will provide your muscles with a steady supply of muscle building aminos while you sleep. Use it anytime you need help reaching your daily protein requirements.


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