Build LEAN Muscle with the World’s First Premium Isolate Mass Builder!

To build a premium physique, it’s critical to fuel your body with premium nutrition. Like the nutrition found only in IsoBuilder™.

IsoBuilder™ is the first, and only, premium mass-builder to deliver 50 grams of 100% premium isolate proteins in every serving! And it’s packed with over 48 grams of carbohydrates from REAL FOODS to help you get REAL GAINS.

Plus, each serving gets you 11+ grams of naturally occurring BCAAs, 8+ grams of Glutamine precursors, and added testosterone support to help promote your ultimate muscularity. No matter where you look, you won’t find a true, premium mass builder built like this anywhere else.

100% isolate protein

IsoBuilder™ contains only premium ISOLATE proteins.

With IsoBuilder™, you get a delicious blend of 5 premium 100% isolate proteins, including whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate 97%, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, and the mass-building classic - isolated egg white albumin.

Each of these premium quality isolate proteins have been carefully filtered through state-of-the-art filtration technology. This “isolates” the proteins and removes the excess fattening impurities like sugars, fats, and lactose. The end result is a cleaner, and leaner, protein to help drive protein synthesis and fuel lean muscle growth around the clock.

Powerful support for testosterone

IsoBuilder™ helps support healthy testosterone and muscularity.

Testosterone is well known as the most anabolic hormone in your body. And supporting healthy testosterone is critical if you want to get strong, lose fat, and achieve your ultimate muscularity.

That’s why IsoBuilder™ features a powerful 500 milligram dose of Fenugreek Seed Extract, which may help support healthy testosterone and increases in free testosterone. And this may help you get more mileage out of the proteins and carbs you consume. And best of all, you don’t need to cycle IsoBuilder™. You can use it year round to help build a powerful body that turns heads and gets you noticed.

Real Carbs From REAL FOODS

IsoBuilder™ packs CLEAN carbs from REAL FOODS for REAL GAINS.

Most mass builders today are packed cheap, fattening carb sources and loads of sugar. And that can get you real fat, real fast. Not exactly the kind of gains you want, right?

That’s why IsoBuilder™ packs CLEAN, premium sources of carbs from REAL FOOD to help you get REAL GAINS. Carbs such as sweet potatoes, waxy maize, oat bran, quinoa flour, and maltodextrin that digest slowly to greatly reduce the potential for fat gain. And, there’s only 3 little grams of sugar per serving! You won’t find a mass builder built with 100% premium isolate proteins, real food-based carbs, and 3 grams of sugar anywhere else!

Refuel with Recovery AMINOS

IsoBuilder™ is LOADED with BCAAs and Glutamine precursors.

IsoBuilder™ does more than help you to build lean, premium muscle. It helps you recover, too. Featuring 11+ grams of BCAAs and over 8 grams of Glutamine precursors, this naturally occurring blend of performance aminos will help your active muscles work harder and sore muscles feel better.

AMAZING new taste!

Building muscle never tasted so good!

We believe the better something tastes, the more you’ll love drinking it. And that’s why you need to try IsoBuilder™! IsoBuilder™ offers a delicious twist on classic flavors for a premium flavoring experience that’s out of this world! And it doesn’t matter what you mix it with, either. Mix it with milk, almond milk, even water. IsoBuilder™ tastes awesome! And it mixes up super smooth, too, so it’s consistency is just as smooth as the flavoring.

Iso Builder FAQ

How do I get more protein per scoop with 100% IsoBlend when my current protein clearly has more grams of protein per scoop?
What you’re receiving with 100% IsoBlend is a higher percentage of protein in every scoop.

For example, your protein may have 27 grams protein per scoop. But it may also have 5 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat and 2 grams of “other ingredients” such as flavorings, colorings, and fillers. This gives you a total serving size of 36 grams per scoop. To calculate the amount of protein you’re really receiving, divide the actual amount of protein (27g) by the full serving size (36g). Then multiply by 100% to reach the percentage of protein you’re really receiving in each scoop.

(27 ÷ 36) x 100 = 75% protein in each scoop.

Now, compare this to 100% IsoBlend, which provides 25 grams of protein in every 28 gram serving size. *
(25 ÷ 28) x 100 = 90% protein in each scoop.

As you can see, with 100% IsoBlend you’re receiving a higher percentage of protein in every scoop. Which means you’re not paying for useless sugars, fats, lactose and other impurities.

Why are isolate proteins prefered over concentrate proteins?
Concentrate and isolate are two terms that refer to the amount of processing that each type of protein has undergone.

Prior to processing, the source material is high in sugars, fats, lactose and other impurities. With a concentrate protein, the source material is processed to remove the majority of these impurities, leaving behind a protein that is more concentrated. Concentrates are typically 80% protein, and the remaining 20% is unfiltered sugars, carbs, fats and lactose.

Isolate proteins, on the other hand, are further refined and stripped of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and lactose, yielding a protein that is typically 90% pure.

What is whey protein hydrolysate?
Whey protein hydrolysate is whey protein that has been broken down – or “pre-digested” – into smaller protein fragments. These smaller protein fragments are the fastest absorbing proteins to date, and will reach your muscles faster than whey protein alone.

Is using a blend of fast and slow releasing proteins better than relying on a single source, such as whey protein alone?
Yes. Fast acting proteins, such as whey isolates and hydrolysates, absorb rapidly and feed your muscles fast. Unfortunately, they are quickly excreted from the body, too. Slower releasing proteins, such as milk and egg isolates, don’t digest and absorb nearly as fast. Rather, they supply a steady stream of aminos to your muscles for many hours longer compared to whey. And this is ideal when seeking to establish the perfect, around-the-clock muscle building environment.

By combining the two, you get the best of both Worlds. Fast acting proteins for rapid muscle repair, and slow releasing proteins to keep muscle growth going strong for hours after the whey has left your system.

How much protein do I need each day?
For building strength and muscle, research has continually verified that 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight is ideal. If you are dieting to lose fat yet still wish to maintain strength and muscle, we recommend keeping your protein elevated to at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.

When is the best time to use 100% IsoBlend?
The beauty of 100% IsoBlend is that it can be used any time, pre-workout or post, day or night. The fast acting proteins in 100% IsoBlend are perfect for morning or post-workout use. And the longer lasting proteins will provide your muscles with a steady supply of muscle building aminos while you sleep. Use it anytime you need help reaching your daily protein requirements.