3 Tips to Add the "Right Kind of Size" When Using a Weight Gainer

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3 Tips to Add the

A properly formulated weight gainer can be an invaluable tool for hard gainers, or anyone seeking more muscle size.

A problem many athletes encounter though is this. They gain the wrong kind of size, and add more body fat than lean muscle tissue. 

This doesn’t have to be case, however. In fact, it is quite easy to avoid.

Follow these three tips to proper weight gainer use, and you’ll be packin’ on the “right kind” of size in no time.

Tip #1: Monitor your calories

A quality weight gainer will be high in quality calories. But even quality calories can be stored as body fat.

So, track your daily calories. 

If you’re not into recording every last gram of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, simply record your total calories per meal. 

This will help prevent you from consuming more calories than your body requires to build muscle. In doing so, you’ll avoid adding body fat.

Tip# 2: Track your body stats

Monitoring your calories is half the battle, and tracking the physical changes in your body is equally important. 

It’s the only true way to know if you’re gaining the right kind of weight, or not.

Before you begin, record your body weight and body fat percent. Using skinfold calipers is the easiest way to measure your body fat at home. 

Then, monitor the changes in your body weight and body fat percent every three to four weeks.

If your body weight is going up and your body fat percent is staying the same, you’re on the right path.

It’s also incredibly helpful to take monthly “before” and “after” photos. This helps you to see the changes in your physique.

Building muscle takes time. When you see yourself in the mirror every day, it is not always evident how much you’ve changed.

Having progress photos, in addition to tracking your physical stats, will help keep you motivated as you progress toward your goals.

Tip# 3: Drink Between Meals

Drink half your weight gainer between your breakfast and mid-morning meal. Drink the other half between your lunch and mid-afternoon meals.

This helps keep you lean and building size for two reasons.

First, weight gainers can be incredibly filling. So much so that they may cause you to miss additional meals throughout the day.

If you’re skipping meals because you’re too full, that kind of defeats the purpose of using a weight gainer to up your calories. Right? 

Second, your body will burn the greatest amount of calories digesting whole foods, and not liquified powders.

So to keep your metabolism revved throughout the day, consume half a serving between meals so you can focus on consuming high quality whole foods later.